Dear Friends!

Our restoraunt located in the heart of Tallinn city and perfectly fits in the whole medieval architecture of our beloved town. You can have a pleasant dinner , take a rest after exosting city tour or even stop  for a quick lunch - in this place is better that you can imagine.
We begin this year with a plesant gift to our guest by changing our brand name to "Meat & Wine" . Meat and wine are  perfectly combined products  in gastronomical world . Every connoisseur  of various  meat dishes and qualitative wines will find a perfect blend of the taste and tincture.
"MEAT & WINE" - is truly an art laboratory of a meat dishes, which works by its own individual technology.
Feel the the real taste of life in steak house "MEAT & WINE". It is a state and atmoshere of success. Dynamical , bright, publical and last but not least - cozy restourant wich famous of it best wine list in town.
Interior is simple and practical.
This restoraunt is perfect for those who has a sense of a taste in meat and wine. No snobbery - food is simply made but the ingredients are selective and taste is exclusive. Service , as always , friendly and highly classified.
In restouraunt "MEAT & WINE" you can easily take off your tie and just have a good time with your friends in beautiful and pleasant atmosphere
which is supported by thoroughly combined music.

Especial accent in restourant "MEAT & WINE" is the way how meat is done. Meat is fully productive masterpiece. From a big tray Chef will gladly give you a sample of a meat and recommend you an optional heat capacity . We order the best meat from all around the world for our guest.

All Meat dishes are made in JOSPER oven on natural coal, it helps to keep a taste , vitamins and minerals of a meat. Steaks wich made of beef  - is an expensive dish , because it takes a best shreds of a beef to make them. It takes only 7 - 10 percents of a whole animal to make several steaks.

Our cousine offers you the  next types of steaks . Name of a steak deppends  on a particular shred of a beef.
RIB-EYE - cuts out from subscapular parts of carcass, has a large number of fatty veinings.
FILET MIGNON - transverse thin cut of the central part of sirloin, the most tender and lean meat, never comes with "blood."
NEW-YORK - low back part of bull, from the cut, which is called the thin edge.
Hearts of a meat lovers are starting to beat faster when they hear the names of a steaks. The wine list of our restoraunt will suggest you a fine complement for your dish.